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Tar & Chip Surfacing in Hertfordshire

LSB Surfacing offer a high quality Tar & Chip surfacing service in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Tar & Chip surfacing is a process of laying hot tar with a stone chip cover, which is then rolled in. It is ideal for all surroundings and can be laid in a variety of stone colours and different edging options.

Tar and chip surfacing is also known as chip and seal, seal chip or liquid asphalt and stone. It is the type of surface most modern roads are built from. But don’t worry, your new Hertfordshire Tar & Chip driveway does not have to look exactly like a road. We have a variety of different stone types to choose from.

How is it made?

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First we make sure the base of your new surface is firm and free from loose stones and debris. Then we pour a hot liquid tar onto the firm foundation. Loose stones are poured over the surface and rolled in with a heavy roller. Some projects may need a second layer over the top of the first.

LSB surfacing offer a variety of stone surface options to suit your particular requirements and styling. Our stones are sourced naturally from local quarries around Hertfordshire and East Anglia.

Advantages of Tar & Chip surfaces

  • It is hard wearing and can cope easily with heavy use or large vehicles.
  • It is excellent value and great if you have a very large area to cover, or want to keep costs down.
  • Tar & chip can be installed over existing driveways.
  • The rough surface texture means it offers more grip than concrete or smooth tarmac in the wet. Even when it is covered with snow it will give more traction than a smooth surface. This makes it a better choice for the elderly, or those who feel less sure of their footing, especially in winter.
  • It offers a more solid surface than gravel. If you don’t like having to rake loose stones back into place then Tar and Chip is a good option.

Laying a Tar & Chip driveway is certainly not a DIY project. It requires skilled contractors and specialist machinery. There is really no maintenance required for a stone and chip surface. It can be swept and pressure washed easily.

What type of applications is it suitable for?

It is suitable for residential and commercial driveways, car parks, forecourts, private and commercial roads.

Tar & Chip Driveways in Hertfordshire

  • Tar & chip is suitable for roads and residential driveways.
  • It gives the look and feel of gravel but is far stronger, will last longer and is much easier to look after.
  • With a wide choice of surface stones to choose from Tar & chip will blend in with the natural sorroundings and enhance the look and value of your property.

Hertfordshire Tar & Chip:

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