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Tarmac Surfacing Essex

LSB Surfacing offer a high quality Tarmac surfacing service covering Essex and surrounding areas. Tarmac can be used for both commercial and domestic applications. It is commonly used for driveways, paths and Tennis courts. LSB Surfacing offer high quality Tarmac surfacing services throughout Essex and surrounding areas. We use a range of edging options to suit all surroundings and styles.


  • Tarmac driveways and surfaces have a smooth finish.
  • They are very low maintenance.
  • Ideal for heavy vehicles and high traffic situations.
  • Allows high volumes of rain water to drain easily off the surface.

It is hardwearing and looks great on any driveway, path or road. It is relatively fast to lay compared to other surfaces and dries quickly. This makes it very cost effective and convenient. Take a look at some of our previous Tarmac projects in our portfolio.

Tarmac is a great alternative to plain concrete. So if you are looking for a great looking Tarmac driveway for your Essex home then let us provide you with a quote.

Is Tarmac hardwearing?

Yes! It is very hard wearing making ideal for high traffic volume areas and copes just as easily with a lorry as it does a bicycle! This makes it an ideal choice for families who have a number of cars, or those who need have heavier vans, lorries and other commercial vehicles.

Many Essex roads are surfaced with Tarmac, so that will give you an idea of just how durable this material is. A Tarmac driveway has a smooth finish. This not only makes it look great, but it means water cannot settle in between small cracks and damage it. When water freezes it expands, therefore causing roads to crack and pot holes to appear.

How is it maintained?

There is virtually no maintenance required. because water easily drains off the surface. Therefore, it is easily be swept or pressure washed. If in the future it becomes worn, or damaged in any way, it can easily be repaired. You do not have to completely re-lay the whole surface.

LSB Surfacing has many years experience of laying Tarmac and Ashfalt surfaces. Our skilled workforce will lay your drive to the highest standards. We take pride in our work do not sub contract work to outside parties.

Essex Tarmac portfolio:

  • View examples of previous work in our portfolio:
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